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Synology Surveillance Station 7.0
Вышла новая версия. Пишут что сделали с нуля. Очень необычно. Такое ощущение что готовятся отдельные железки под Surveillance Station.
Поглядеть можно тут.

Что нового:

  • Improved user interface

  • Contemporary features promote ease-of-use and multi-tasking.

  • Enhanced the interaction between applications to simplify tasks (e.g., drag and drop recordings between applications).

  • Implemented global search for better application navigation.

  • Certain applications can be opened in a new window for easier viewing.

  • The desktop wallpaper can be changed.

  • Customize events and actions to automate surveillance tasks and notifications.

  • Audio Pattern is now a dedicated application for recording and uploading audio patterns.

  • Added multichannel support for Live View sequential layouts.

  • Added support for Axis Door Controller A1001

  • Use both controller access data and video feeds to make access control more reliable.

  • Manage and operate the access control system as well as watch Live View video feeds from one central interface.

  • Refined video analytics for improved performance.

  • Added an alerts panel to Live View for real-time alerts playback and download.

  • Smart Search is now an independent application.

  • Video snapshots are now saved to the NAS for access anywhere, anytime.

  • Added two snapshot-editing features: privacy mask and blur.

  • Recording servers can now be managed at the application level.

  • Servers in recording server mode can now run CMS to manage applications locally.

  • Add-ons for all paired recording servers can now be manually updated from the host server.

  • Added two-way audio support for Axis cameras to play audio from the camera microphone or from pre-recorded audio patterns.

  • Added digital output support for Axis and Vivotek cameras to execute external device actions.

  • Added by-channel support for digital inputs.

  • Added auto-pan and auto object tracking support for PTZ cameras made by certain camera brands.

  • Added speed control support for certain PTZ cameras, enabling users to operate cameras at their preferred speed.

  • Implemented fisheye dewarping via Surveillance Station for wall-mounted and floor-mounted fisheye cameras.

  • Greatly improved the performance of fisheye dewarping via Surveillance Station.

  • Added audio and tampering detection support for certain cameras.

  • Brand-new design allows for better application management of the following add-ons: Device Pack, CMS, Joystick, VisualStation, and Axis Door Controller.

  • Add-ons can now be hidden.

  • Enhanced push notification coverage by adding events related to access control, VisualStation, and external devices.

  • Added notification support for external devices, enabling communication between Surveillance Station and external devices via WebAPI.

  • Added external device support in Action Rule for more flexibility in surveillance deployments.

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